Identity Project: USA Water Polo Junior Olympics

Northern California was chosen to host the Junior Olympic Championships in water polo for the first time. We worked closely with Stanford University and USA Water Polo to create the event identity and applications. We went with the concept of creating a tattoo look and feel which synced with current water polo culture. More shirts and accessory product was sold at this event than any year previously.

Identity Project: Burlingame High School Mascot

The goal was to streamline and modernize the panther mark. The mark has to work in a wide range of applications including collateral, website, signage, athletic uniforms, spirit merchandise and a center image for a new gym floor.

Identity Project: Hillsborough Beautification Foundation

The Foundation funds a myriad of public projects and community events including renovations of public parks, restoration of historic gates, a new town entrance, new street signs and landscaping of public schools.

Painting Series: Kids’¬† Books and Toys

We have completed several successful series for children. Product includes fine art prints, canvases and a multitude of product applications including storage boxes and suitcases.