I helped to develop a brand called adsila. Adsila supports social entrepreneurs globally by providing the first of its kind virtual incubation platform designed to reduce physical and other barriers to provide resources for social entrepreneurs. Adsila provides training, financial, mentorship, and network support to enable social entrepreneurs to create large-scale social impact. Armed with only a computer and an internet connection, a social entrepreneur can create large-scale social change anywhere on the globe.

‘adsila’ is a Native American word meaning ‘blossom.’ Adsila’s tag line is ‘power to take social ideas from seed to bloom.’

In the course of developing the social venture project, adsila, I have been honored to meet Mark Tuschman. Mark has been a corporate, international, location photographer for 30 years. He has a particular interest in documenting poverty’s impact on people of the world. Read Mark’s blog here. See his incredible body of work here.


Mark: Burlingame High School is a traditional public high school where students are offered a great education, athletics and diverse extracurriculars. The first phase of our branding for the school is the creation of this new Panther Mascot.

Event Logo: The city of Hillsborough, California turned 100 in 2010. The city is known for the wide variety of its trees and a multitude of elaborate, historic gates. This mark was created as part of the branding for the year-long event.

Study for a Series: The emphasis is on breakfast foods but pb&j could be considered a breakfast food for some, no?