How much is too much?  I consider engagement on various social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, industry blogs and online tech communities to be a professional obligation. I happen to love it. Engagement ensures that I am aware of the latest news, insights and market trends. It allows me to make connections without physical boundaries. I learn something when I engage. Sometimes that is what not to do or what not to say, but something is gained nonetheless. This engagement informs what I do with message creation in my role at work and it makes me a more valuable employee. I’m lucky because my employer values me right back for this reason.

Today, all companies struggle with creating guidelines and best practices for their workforce when it comes to using social media. There are extremes and abuses with just about everything. That is true of the office copy machine since the day it was first plugged into the wall. Uh, what not to do here. Things have gotten a little more complex since then.

How much is too much? I think it comes down to a question of VALUE. Is the time spent engaging really adding professional value? This is the best practice I follow.

Cartoon courtesy of the New Yorker, week of August 6, 2012