I am taking a look back at the photography of Slim Aarons to dream the idyllic summer dream that we did quite realize this year in the Bay area and in California as a whole, where the weather was less than stellar. But perhaps I am missing the point; Aarons’ work is really about lifestyle and not weather.

Slim Aarons made his career out of what he called photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places. He photographed socialites and celebrities in fabulous places around the world. He vowed to create images of beautiful people, in natural surroundings, with little makeup and no artificial light. He became one of the crowd and in turn gained entry into villas, grand hotels and yachts. He made it all look easy but he worked incredibly hard to make it look that way. He shot his subjects in their own environment, not in a studio. According to his daughter, Mary, “As a child he used to take me to museums to look at the work of the masters…i.e. Mona Lisa etc. “It’s all in the eyes”, he would say. He learned about lighting, poses , expression, settings etc. from these great paintings.” (quote courtesy Habitually Chic)