I love California beach lifeguard towers. Such simple structures, highly functional with the perfect location. For five months beginning last May, the LA County  lifeguard towers – on 31 miles of beach — were transformed into a collective work of art by Portraits of Hope. Summer of Color is the culmination of the efforts of nearly 6,000 children in schools, hospitals, and social service programs – and more than 2,500 adult volunteers – who have participated in the initiative’s program activities, which included the painting of the panels now installed on the walls and roof tops of the towers. Following the exhibition, the art panels will be donated to the participating institutions and to social service agencies around the world for the beautification of interior and exterior settings. Many of the panels will be shipped to Haiti for transitional homes, temporary shelters, schools, hospitals, and senior centers.- courtesy Portraits of Hope. Photos of painted towers by POH, Loren Philip. Other photos are work of the author.