Your twitter icon/avatar is part of your personal brand. Of course what you say and how you say it matters. But visually the way you represent yourself is key to your brand. Most companies use a logo. In my unofficial survey of twitter icons, most individuals use photographic icons. I took a look at some illustrative twitter icons I found randomly on a twitter crawl. The one in the top right corner is actually a paper collage that was photographed. Some like the Renaissance profile, the comic book hero and the Fornasetti sun face were borrowed from the originals. Most others were created with Adobe software. There are a lot of Japanese anime style icons on twitter. I don’t find those interesting stylistically after seeing the first few. I like the illustrative icons that convey unique personality in both style and meaning. Hats off to those tweeters who choose illustration as the means to express their personal brands. I think it is a way to stand apart from the crowd.