“Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts” John Wooden

When I was growing up, John Wooden loomed large at my house and at the houses of my friends. It was Southern California but it could have been anywhere USA.

When John Wooden finished eighth grade, his father gave him a card with a seven-point creed on it that included such tenets as “Be True to yourself” and “Make each day your masterpiece.” Wooden later used those philosophies in coaching and kept a copy of the card in his pocket the rest of his life. (Jeff Eisenberg, Yahoo! Sports)

He was the master of the simple one or two sentence homily, instructive little messages best presented in his famous “Pyramid of Success,” which remains must-read material, not only for fellow coaches but for anyone in a leadership position in American business. (By Beth Harris AP Sports Writer)

Nell, Wooden’s wife of 53 years, died of cancer in 1985. He never went a day without missing her. This week as Wooden’s son sat by his bedside, his son said that Coach Wooden asked to have a shave; he was getting ready to go and see Nell. I can’t think of a more romantic gesture. Thanks Coach, for all that you taught us.