Husband and wife design team, Cortney and Robert Novogratz (Sixx Design) use the term Vintage Nouveaux for mixing unique found and antique pieces with modern design and architecture. Flea market finds might be considered junk by some; and frankly many times they are. But with a creative and practiced eye, it is possible to spot the winners and pass right on by the losers.

Some friends and I recently took a trip to the largest Bay Area flea market. Treasure hunting with a view of San Francisco laid out before you. Each of us thinks we have a creative, practiced eye for stylish finds, but I have brought home my share of losers. But the prospect of finding the unknown treasure brings us out hunting several times a year. As my friend Kathleen says, “I don’t know what I am looking for until I see it.” Exactly. This trip we found a vendor who has cleverly taken vintage transit route signs and applied them as upholstery, drapery, and pillows. The signs are printed on canvas and originally functioned on rollers to show route numbers and destinations. See more here. Well done!