In an earlier post I highlighted some graphic twitter avatars/icons. Here I went for the Weird and Offbeat. A twitter avatar conveys one’s visual brand in a very tiny amount of space. Much has been written about tweet content, but I love exploring the visual messaging of twitterers. Hey Hitler baby and Centipede Doll, what’s your story? Twitter is the Grand Central Station of diverse personal expressions and purposefully branded messaging; 75 million users who send 50 million tweets a day. For some their avatars convey a devil-may-care attitude. Reminds me of something Kramer famously said on Seinfeld, ” I’m out there Jerry, and I’m lovin’ it!” Businesses tweet for the influence and reach the medium offers. Corporate contented tweets and corporate avatars are thoughtfully crafted but not as wacky and fun as the Weird and Offbeat.