The first time I saw Diane Keaton we were standing side by side at the Rose Bowl Flea market, circa 1982, ogling vintage jewelery. I liked her instantly based on the fact that she and I liked the same pieces. Flash forward to another chance encounter at Hot Dog on a Stick at the beach in the summer of 2009. This time she wore a black turtleneck, a fedora and blackened bare feet. The girl does her own thang. This is true for her personal style as well as for her penchant for restoring architecturally significant homes in the L.A. area.

Thanks to my friend, Gaby, for the latest real estate news that Diane Keaton is offering for sale her property known as the Alfred Newman Estate, designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright. Keaton paid $9.1 million for the residence back in 2007 and it is now listed at $8.5 million. The 4,386-square-foot, 6 bedroom, 5-bath residence features a natural spring for irrigation, a riding arena, a small barn with stables, an area for outdoor concerts, and a hexagonal swimming pool, which Lloyd Wright was known for. The property itself slopes down from Sunset Boulevard, providing views of Rustic Canyon.