The Wrist Watch

I read recently that it can be considered gauche by some to check a phone for the time as opposed to wearing a proper wrist watch. I continue to search for the perfect wrist watch and I spend months wearing no wrist watch at all if I am in between watch infatuations. For me it is all about the watch face; the crispness of the background shade, the simplicity and scale of the numerals, and the elegance of the hands. I get tired of looking at the same face day after day. It may be that I am too visually sensitive or that I get bored easily with the same face. Maybe my infatuations change as my moods change. This is easily solvable by owning many watches. But I want to be more like Jackie and draw a line in the sand, vis-a-vis watch preference. She wore a Cartier Tank. My current watch infatuation is a classic Timex. My search continues.